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Gamers are sad - official

Eidos poll proves that we're a bunch of lifeless twats

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Image credit: Eurogamer

In a cute Valentines Day story that just came across our desks (so to speak), British-based publisher Eidos have proven that gamers are in fact a bunch of sad gits with no life. No great surprises there then - just take a trip to your local LAN party if you need confirmation of this. In a poll on their website Eidos asked what their customers would trade in their girlfriend for - a top-of-the-line PC or next gen console, or a weekend in Paris with Lara Croft.

Apparently not realising that Lara is in fact an array of poorly textured polygons, 28% of the respondents said they would swap their girlfriend for Lara given the chance. Of course, to be fair the people who picked this option probably didn't have girlfriends to start with. A staggering 21% would give up love for a better PC, while 15% are so desperate to get hold of a PlayStation 2 they would sell their own partner to get one. Picking up the rear, 10% of people were holding out for an Xbox, and 6% for a GameCube. Only 19% of the people answering the poll said they would rather hang on to their partner for Valentines Day.

Aw, bless.

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