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Console Releases

Back into the swing of things with this week's line up of releases!

PlayStation 2 owners may finally have something to shout about with the release of "Evergrace," "Armored Core 2," "Driving Emotion Type-S," "Skysurfer" and "Tokyo Extreme Racer 2" this week. The slew of new games includes three titles from UbiSoft alone, with EA and Virgin making up the numbers. We are taking particular interest in Evergrace, which met with our approval when we took a look at its development in the latter stages of last year. On the Dreamcast front it's actually quite a slow week. "Vanishing Point" is Acclaim's new racing title but upon tracking down a copy recently we weren't all that impressed by it. Elsewhere, the PSOne welcomes "Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear," which should be a remarkable conversion, going head-to-head with next week's Dreamcast release of the original "Rainbow Six", as well as "Ultimate Fighting Championship". The N64 is nowhere to be seen, but the GameBoy Color is still pootling along with several new releases; "Batman - Chaos in Gotham," "Land Before Time," and "Godzilla 2". Of course, here at EuroGamer we're most looking forward to a copy of the new Harvest Moon RPG, due out next week on PlayStation. Hold me back!

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