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PS2 Net Access Via AOL?

Connie has a hand in every pie these days, it seems

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Although most everyone who owns a PC would frown at the idea of using a console and television to access the Internet, the Dreamcast's net access has been largely successful, evoking lots of public interest in ChuChu Rocket and the downloadable extras in Street Fighter Alpha 3. With many more games looking to take advantage of it (including Skies of Arcadia), it's no surprise that Sony are already courting suitors capable of bringing its new machine into line with the competition. The PS2 doesn't ship with a built-in modem, so this opens up the possibilities for broadband connections and the like a bit more; a possibility AOL seems to be interested in pursuing. The monstrous ISP (most famous for protecting coffee tables these days) is talking to Sony about the possibility of adding online functionality via its worldwide content network. The pitch, one of several Sony has been faced with, could create one of the biggest online monopolies yet. As if the whole Time Warner / AOL thing wasn't impressive enough, this coupling would escalate things tenfold. If Sony restricted access to its PS2 users and no-one on the outside it might come under fire. Microsoft will no doubt be among the first to complain, as its Xbox project gathers steam. Related Feature - The Skies Broaden

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