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The Skies Broaden

VMU downloads for American Arcadia buyers are completists' dream come true

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Really good RPGs have a tendancy to endear you to their characters, and to create an entire world of opportunities to find adventure with them. Sadly though, all good things do come to an end, and with my old favourite Final Fantasy VII, they did so within a week. I emerged with a feeling of emptiness and experience more than one of victory and achievement though, and I would have given up the four sodding hours it took me to overcome Sephiroth for a couple of new continents to explore and adventure upon with my party; for some distant lost realm to emerge for us to go to - I just wanted to know more, to see more, to do more, and yet there was nothing. Which is why all things considered RPG-makers of the highest calibre are now investigating ways of keeping the obsessives happy, and making sure than when the game itself is over, the adventure need not be. Skies of Arcadia is Sega's latest Dreamcast RPG, and quite a cracker it is too. It's not out yet over here, but nonetheless some of our more enthusiastic staff writers have imported copies burning away in their Dreamcasts - I can't blame them. Fans of the game in America who have now finished the game though, will no doubt be thrilled to discover that although their journey is over, they haven't quite uncovered everything; and won't have for some time. Why? Because in their genius, Sega are now offering VMU downloads via the Dreamcast's online access to extend the game world! There are two downloads available already, with a third planned for today when the world awakes across the pond. The first section is said to allow access to Hamachou Island, which harbours many treasures including the last Cham, and a little creature that spouts extra game stats - one for the enthusiast that. The other download available grants access to the Giant Looper airship battle on the North Frontier. The third is expected to reveal a new weapon, or perhaps even a character. As you may remember, Street Fighter Alpha 3 offered extensive downloadable extras to increase its longevity, but at the moment, it and Skies of Arcadia seem to be some of very few.

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