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ArenaNet: GW2 will fulfil MMO promise

What players thought genre could be.

A confident ArenaNet has told Eurogamer that Guild Wars 2 will epitomise what players hoped the MMO genre could be.

"The message we're sending is people are sick and tired of traditional MMOs," said lead content designer Colin Johanson. "They've been playing the same game for 10 or 15 years, chasing a big carrot on a stick trying to level up.

"Your character has no personality, you don't have a story, the world feels dead and for the most part there's no incentive to interact with the hundreds of other people playing the game. We're trying to change all of that.

"We've kept the best elements of Guild Wars 1 and then taken all of the other elements and tried to make the best thing anyone has ever made before," he added. "We want to make the MMO that players thought MMOs were actually going to be."

Johanson believes that there is "a lot of room for growth" in the MMO genre and believes ArenaNet "can evolve it to the next level".

Guild Wars 2 has no release date but the floodgates are beginning to open. Today NCsoft revealed dynamic events and personal stories - the two-pronged approach to questing in the game.

Our full interview with Colin Johanson explores these potentially revolutionary ideas in full.