PC Archive Page 530

21 September 2001

Simsville shuts down

Maxis suspends work on latest Sim game

FeatureAlex Dmitrevsky of Nival Interactive - Part Two

Interview - Nival tell us about the multiplayer options and campaign structure in their strategy game Etherlords

20 September 2001

LEGO Racers 2

Review - Gestalt relives his childhood with this plastic-themed high octane racing game

Codemasters goes massive

Brits leap on to massively multiplayer bandwagon

Xicat grabs Gothic, demo released

Publishers' game of musical chairs seems to be over

New Half-Life and Counter-Strike

Snore, they're still at it? This time with added voice comms and probably some other stuff

19 September 2001

World Championship qualifiers

Calling UK Counter-Strike clans

Codemasters re-releases Best Sellers

Severance, Colin McRae 2.0 and Insane amongst new budget releases

18 September 2001

Black Thorn delayed

Yet another game falls prey to terrorism


Review - cunning pay-per-play shareware title turned retail success?

17 September 2001

FeatureThe Third Place

Article - why does Europe always come last in the gaming industry?

16 September 2001

Cryo get the Spice of life

Dune heading to PC and PlayStation 2 in November

From Dusk Till Dawn

Review - can Gamesquad get it right this time, or is this destined to be another flawed gem like Devil Inside?

Testing Castle Wolfenstein

Multiplayer-only test version of new Wolfenstein game released

15 September 2001

Gaming industry reacts to terrorist attacks

Games delayed, redesigned and withdrawn from sale in response to terrorist attacks

14 September 2001

6pm kick-off for Championship Manager

Demo due for release this evening

FeatureAlex Dmitrevsky of Nival Interactive - Part One

Interview - Russian developers Nival Interactive talk to us about their new fantasy strategy game

Egmont on face

JoWood won't be publishing Gothic after all

World War III delayed

Events overtake real-time strategy game

New ABit boards in the offing

Follow-up to ABit Roadshow 2001 Report

13 September 2001

ADSL arrives in Ireland

And we thought the Brits had it bad

Championship Manager Quiz

Out of the pub, into the PC

Jackie Chan hits GameBoy Advance

November release for cartoon action game

Operation Flashpoint gets dedication

Popular Cold War action game gets dedicated server support and other upgrades

Sky points finger at games

News channel claims MS Flight Simulator could have been used for training by terrorists

Colin McRae returns

New rally game in the works at Codemasters

12 September 2001

Gaming industry apparently escapes New York carnage

Updated - Terrorist attacks shake New York offices, but no casualties reported so far

FeatureABit Roadshow 2001 Report

Article - the world's biggest motherboard manufacturer takes over the Kensington Roof Gardens and shows us what it's been up to

Phantasy Star On PC

Sega adds two new languages, graphical effects

Virgin prepare for Outbreak

Codename : Outbreak demo released

Cipher gets shaders

New version of 3D engine available to licensees

11 September 2001

Britney - "hit my GameBoy one more time"

THQ signs publishing deal with Britney Spears

Shake-up at Interplay

The French move in ahead of AGM

Between The Planets Of The Apes

More details on the soon-to-be-released Planet of the Apes game

10 September 2001

50% performance improvement from Detonator XP?

NVIDIA claim record-breaking performance figures, although apparently they're not fast enough to get the drivers up first

Gothic comes to the UK

German role-playing game gets Europe-wide distribution, at last

UbiSoft goes Ape

Signs Planet-wide publishing deal with Fox

8 September 2001

Arcades drumming up business

It's official - Koreans are all insane

FeatureTeam Factor

Preview - an online focused tactical combat game that's more than just another Counter-Strike clone

7 September 2001

Black & White & Pink all over

Peter Molyneux confirms Black & White sequel

November Snow

Wanadoo unveils SnowCross

FeatureThe Future Of ECTS

Editorial - surely we're not going to throw away Europe's biggest trade show because of the whinging of a few big name publishers?

6 September 2001

Scooters ride again

And we're not talking about those silly little mini-scooters either

FeatureECTS 2001 Diary

Article - EuroGamer is on site to provide coverage of Europe's biggest computer games trade show

5 September 2001

Official ECTS Awards

"Well we didn't vote for you"

FeatureGhost Recon

Preview - a first hand look at the tactical combat follow-up to Rainbow Six

ECTS Diary updates

Five step recovery plan for journalists and PR bods with hang-overs?

4 September 2001

ADSL install costs halved

For three months only!

3 September 2001

ECTS 2001 Update

More coverage

2 September 2001

Blizzard announce World of Warcraft

Massively multiplayer Warcraft game revealed

31 August 2001

ArenaTek buys Wireplay assets

But what are they going to do with them?

CS 1.3 nears completion

The word on the changes

30 August 2001

ELSA extend reach

Wireless networking tools for people who like to keep their distance

Take 2 takes $1.3m

Sales up, but profits down

Star Trek: Dominion Wars

Review - one of the most interesting Star Trek wars yet immortalised in a space strategy game, but does it hit the spot?

29 August 2001

US Military to use Spears

Training soldiers has never been so easy

AMD embellish clock speeds

PR tactics could lead to confusion

Zax : The Alien Hunter

Review - a good old fashioned isometric action-adventure game

NGUK bites the dust?

Staff gone, service left to volunteers

Akaei announces Toon Car

It's apparently wacky, zany and crazy

28 August 2001

Interplay Strikes Back

Doomed publisher tries to wriggle its way out of Titus deal

27 August 2001

Counter-Strike : Condition Confused

Another switch of developer for single player Counter-Strike spin-off

Vivendi to distribute Interplay titles

Titus signs away Interplay games to Vivendi Universal

Digital Legends emerge from Spain

Blade developers sever to form new studio

When Games Turn Deadly

Counter-Strike player drops dead from heart attack, while another is jailed for stabbing an opponent

26 August 2001

Featurei8 a LAN Party

Article - 850 gamers networked together - bliss?

24 August 2001

Château id?

Game developers and .. wine collectors?!?

Spielberg gets Unreal

Computer game used for A.I. mock-ups

23 August 2001

VIP treatment for PSOne

Pamela Anderson comes to the PlayStation

FeaturePool of Radiance - Ruins of Myth Drannor

Preview - is the sequel we've all been waiting for, or just another Dungeoneering For Dummies?

GeForce 3 Ultra on Friday?

We're not so convinced

22 August 2001

FeatureLEGO Racers 2

Preview - we take ATD's motor racing game with a difference for a spin

Nildram launches MoveDSL

Fed up of Openwoe? Sort it out.

End of road for Interplay?

Revenues down, losses up, games slipping, French taking over, money running out. Can it get any worse?

European Elf-Huggers Convention

Everquest Fan Faire comes to Europe

21 August 2001

ELSA court overclockers

Claim new build of their GLADIAC 920 is "an over-clocker's dream"

Arcanum - do not inhale

Deliveries delayed in UK by toxic chemicals .. no, really

Rage losses grow

BritSoft developer announces "a lot of pain"

Original War

Review - an RTS that could appeal to RTS fans? Something of a contradiction in terms these days

AMD launch new chips

Mobile Athlons and a new desktop Duron

20 August 2001

Gamers "under-developed"

More contradictory evidence on the effects of computer games

We’re not gamers, we’re pro gamers

The CPL forces players to use surnames in competition

FeatureLoki's Millions

Article - in the wake of Loki's collapse, where does Linux gaming go from here?

Golden morning for Jo Wood

Zax and World War III have gone gold