PC Archive Page 530

7 September 2000

FeatureECTS 2000 Wrap-Up

It's all over - EuroGamer takes a look at the highs and lows of the three day show

Warlords Battlecry

The Warlords strategy series goes real-time - can it pull it off? Read our review to find out!

6 September 2000

FeatureECTS 2000 Awards

Our pick of the best games, publishers and hardware from the European trade show

FeatureB17 : The Mighty Eighth

We take to the skies over Europe and preview Hasbro's stunning new World War II flight sim

FeatureECTS 2000 - Show Diary

All the buzz from the show! Includes overviews of console, hand-held and PC games and hardware from all three days of the show.

5 September 2000

FeatureMicrosoft Combat Flight Simulator 2

We take a peek at a beta version of Microsoft's new World War II flight sim, due out in November

4 September 2000

Feature3dfx Voodoo 5 6000

It's a foot long, has four processors, four fans, and 128Mb of memory. It's 3dfx's obscenely powerful new graphics card, and we got a chance to check it out at ECTS...

3 September 2000

FeatureBlack & White

The ultimate god game previewed

2 September 2000

FeatureECTS 2000 Preview

Sneak peek at big European games show

1 September 2000

FeatureKarl Jeffery of Climax

Online strategy game developer interviewed

31 August 2000

Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 MX

Cheap fast graphics card reviewed

30 August 2000

FeatureMicrosoft Train Simulator

Trainspotter's dream game previewed

29 August 2000

Featurei5 coverage

i5 LAN party coverage from Newbury

27 August 2000

FeatureStar Trek Deep Space Nine : The Fallen

Star Trek action-adventure game previewed

25 August 2000

Everglide Large Attack Pad

Precision mouse surface reviewed

24 August 2000

Vampire The Masquerade : Redemption

Blood-sucking RPG reviewed

23 August 2000

Heroes of Might & Magic III : The Shadow Of Death

Role-playing strategy game reviewed

22 August 2000

Vegas Games : Midnight Madness

Pair of gambling games reviewed

21 August 2000

FeatureAdult Movies?

X-Rated in British Columbia

20 August 2000


Daft puzzle game previewed

19 August 2000

Icewind Dale

Hack 'n' slash RPG reviewed

17 August 2000


Vehicle bound action game reviewed

16 August 2000


Downright weird platformer previewed

15 August 2000

Dark Reign 2

3D real time strategy game reviewed

14 August 2000

FeatureNoddy's Guide To Home Networking

How to build a LAN in your own home

13 August 2000


Bizarre action game previewed

12 August 2000

Sergei Bubka's Millennium Games

Athletics game reviewed

11 August 2000

FeaturePhilip Oliver of Blitz Games

Titan AE developers interviewed

10 August 2000

Ultimate Golf Simulation

First person golf game reviewed

9 August 2000

FeatureAge Of Empires II : The Conquerors

Age of Empires II add-on previewed

8 August 2000

Suzuki Alstare Racing

Motorbike racing game reviewed

7 August 2000

FeatureWGDC 2000 - Direct3D

State of the art 3D graphics

6 August 2000

FeatureArcanum : Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Steampunk role-player previewed

4 August 2000

FeatureNigel Papworth of Daydream Software

Clusterball developers interviewed

All Star Tennis 2000

Tennis game reviewed

FeatureDeveloping Videogames with Linux

The open source phenomenon

3 August 2000

PGA Championship Golf 1999

Budget golf game reviewed

2 August 2000

FeatureBaldur's Gate II : Shadows Of Amn

Sequel to hit RPG previewed

1 August 2000

Deus Ex

First person RPG reviewed

31 July 2000

FeatureWGDC 2000 - DirectInput Mapper

Microsoft's config system revealed

30 July 2000

FeatureHeroes Chronicles

Heroes of Might & Magic games previewed

29 July 2000

Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001

Baseball game reviewed

28 July 2000

Motocross Madness 2

Motorbike racing game reviewed

27 July 2000

F1 World Grand Prix

Motor racing game reviewed

26 July 2000

Carmageddon TDR 2000

Latest shots of blood-splattered driver

FeatureCarmageddon TDR 2000

Gibfest on wheels previewed

25 July 2000


New shots of vehicle-bound action game

Diablo II

Hack 'n' slash RPG reviewed

24 July 2000

FeatureWGDC 2000 - DirectSound and DirectMusic

New sound and music features in DirectX 8

Arcatera : The Dark Brotherhood

Exclusive screenshots of RPG

22 July 2000

KISS : Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child

Intense first person shooter reviewed

21 July 2000

FeatureJason Kingsley of Rebellion

Rebellion talks about 2000AD and Gunlok

20 July 2000

The New Adventures Of The Time Machine

3D adventure game reviewed

19 July 2000


Free form space sim previewed

18 July 2000

Open Tennis 2000

Tennis game reviewed

17 July 2000

FeatureEuroLAN #2 coverage

Coverage from EuroLAN #2

16 July 2000

Feature4x4 Evolution

Off-road racing game previewed

KISS : Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child

Exclusive screenshots of first person shooter

15 July 2000

Metal Fatigue

Mecha-based strategy game reviewed


New shots of free-form space game

14 July 2000

FeatureCristina Neamtu of AMC Creation

Romanian RTS developers interviewed

13 July 2000


Third person action-adventure reviewed

12 July 2000


Vehicle-based action game previewed

11 July 2000

Rising Sun

WW2 Pacific strategy game reviewed

10 July 2000

FeatureWGDC 2000 - DirectPlay Voice

Voice comms for multiplayer games

9 July 2000


Third person shooter previewed

Icewind Dale

New shots of role-playing game

8 July 2000

EuroLeague Football

Soccer arcade and management game reviewed

6 July 2000

Earth 2150 : Escape From The Blue Planet

3D real time strategy game reviewed

5 July 2000


More new screenshots of sci-fi shooter