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Arcane season two release likely still a year away

Don't Jinx it!

The brilliant Arcane looks set to return for its second season on Netflix in winter 2024.

That launch window was revealed on-stage over the weekend at the Video V Vision Conference, held by League of Legends developer Riot Games' parent company Tencent (thanks, League of Geeks / Kotaku).

Q4 2024 means we'll see season two debut sometime between October and December next year. As a reminder, the initial season dropped in November 2021 - making for a three-year gap between episodes.

Arcane's season two confirmation teaser trailer.Watch on YouTube

The original series took six years to develop, so this wait for a second season of high quality animation perhaps isn't too surprising. Still, fans are eager to delve back into the show's world - and see how that cliffhanger resolved.

Arcane is an astonishing piece of animation and TV storytelling - and I say that as someone who has never played League of Legends, the game upon which it is based.

It includes some familiar League of Legends characters, sure, and is set in the game's world - but it is telling its own story, and wonderfully so.

The series revolves around sisters Vi and Jinx, played by Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purnell, in a pair of steampunk fantasy cities divided by fortune and the sudden invention of new technology.

It was universally praised by critics upon its arrival, and went on to win an Emmy for outstanding animated TV show.

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