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APB European release on 2nd July

Access via subs or pay as you go.

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Realtime Worlds has revealed that APB will be released on 29th June in the US and 2nd July in Europe.

The date was spotted in the FAQ section of the APB website and picked up by VG247.

The FAQ also includes the first details of APB's pay-as-you-go payment model. The game comes with 50 free hours of play; after that, players will need to top up game time by buying packs of 20 hours for £5.59.

Time in the game's social, trading and customisation district will be unlimited and free. You will also be able to trade in-game currency for game time via RTW points, a system pioneered by CCP with EVE Online.

Although Realtime has said APB wouldn't be a subscription game, it will be possible to buy "unlimited" game time packages of 30 days (effectively a monthly sub) for £8, with discounts offered to people subscribing for three and six months.

Catch up with our latest APB hands-on for an idea of what the Crackdown creator has been working so jolly hard on.

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