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Anthem Deactivate the Barrier solution - how to complete the Triple Threat mission puzzle

How to dectivate the barrier in Triple Threat's pesky puzzle.

Deactivate Barrier is a step you may well have got stuck on, as part of the environmental puzzle in Anthem's Triple Threat mission.

Thankfully, the puzzle solution is pretty simple - albeit, annoying to uncover at first - and so below we've explained exactly how to deactivate the barrier for you so you can get back to the fun buts - like flying around and shooting stuff.

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How to Deactivate the Barrier explained - what do you need to do in the Triple Threat mission puzzle?

The barrier puzzle itslef asks you to to interact with three symbols dotted around the room, in order to lower this barrier sealing off the terminal.

They're located in the North-East, South-East, and South-West of the room - or in other words as you face away from the barrier itself: to the left, straight ahead, and to the right.

You need to interact with each one until the correct symbol is displayed - each time you press the button to interact, it cycles through one of the symbols. Get all three to display the right symbol, and the barrier is deactivated.

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Deactivate the Barrier puzzle solution

It seems that the solution is the same for everyone, rather than being randomised for each encounter, so here's a quick solution before explain the methodology for figuring it out just below.

Deactivate the Barrier puzzle solution

If you're facing away from the barrier:

  • On your left, in the North-East - Yellow.
  • Straight ahead, in South-East - Purple.
  • On your right, in the South-West - Red.

As we mentioned above it seems as though these solutions are the same for everyone, but just in case they're different for you, to figure it out for yourself you just need to spot the three clues that are nearby each coloured symbol.

An example of one of the projected hints - this one for the left/North-East symbol.

The left (North-East) clue is at head height, projected onto a wall. Cross the bridge to get to the symbol itself then turn around and double back to your left, and it's on the side of one of the walls there.

The straight ahead (South-East) clue is partially obscured underneath the bridge, as you look towards the symbol before crossing to it. Stand to the left of the bridge and look at the far side, just under where the bridge joins the platform with the symbol on it.

The right (South-West) clue is up high to your left, projected onto a wall, as you stand directly in front of the spinnable symbol itself.

That's it! Simply match the symbols to the nearby projections - the above three should work as listed - and the puzzle is solved, the barrier lowered, and you can continue on.