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Anthem Collectibles explained: How to find collectible locations

What collectibles you can find and where while exploring Bastion in Anthem.

Anthem Collectibles can be found through Bastion - from the open world to the Fort Tarsis hub itself.

Though optional in most games, Anthem actually makes finding collectibles during the course of the Anthem walkthrough in order to progress the story - so learning what counts and where to find them comes in handy.

They are often also the subject of Anthem Daily Challenges, so again, knowing what to look for will make this task easier.

What are Anthem Collectibles?

There are many different types of things classed as an Anthem Collectible, and interestingly, not all of them are counted equally depending on the task in question.

Here are, in brief what is in the game:

Cortex Lore: There are many documents you can find in both Fort Tarsis and out throughout the world which is added to your Cortex to flesh out the game's backstory and wider world. This is anything that says 'Add to Cortex' when you get close.

Archives, History and Intel: Confusingly, there are more items very similar to the Cortex that give you lore and backstory. These can be inscriptions found on ruins, or notes left on fallen soldiers. The difference between this and Cortex Lore is it won't say 'Add to Cortex'.

Landmarks: These are gold rings in prominent points of interest. Finding them adds their location to your map.

Archivist Runes: Once you have completed the 'See in the Dark' sub-mission (which is required as part of the Anthem walkthrough) gold runes will appear on the walls of Bastion.

Overlooks: There are 10 vantage points across the game's open world, with stunning views on offer. You'll find them at an altar of sorts with a chest to open - you'll then get a look at the environment around you as a little bonus.

What Anthem Collectibles are counted towards which objectives?

The make things more complicated, the way the game counts collectibles varies according to what you are doing:

  • If you are finding Anthem Collectibles as part of a Daily / Weekly Challenges, then any collectible above will count.
  • If you are finding Anthem Collectibles as part of completing the Trial of Yvenia, then any lore-based collectibles for the Cortex (anything that presents you with a picture and some text) will not count

To make things more complicated, not everything with a 'page' icon is a lore-based collectible - most are, but some are not. For example, anything in the Fort Tarsis hub will not go towards Trial of Yvenia progress.

This means that, if you want to complete the Trial of Yvenia, you'll need to focus on Archives, History and Intel, Archivist Runes and Overlooks.

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The easiest way to get Anthem Collectibles

Whether you are completing a Daily Challenge, want to speed through the Trial of Yvenia step or simply want to find as many collectibles as possible, then there are several things to recommend.

Keep your eyes open. Like Anthem Treasure Chests and Anthem Ember Locations, Anthem Collectibles will be out in the world in interesting places. If there's any strange formations, camps, caves or ruins, chances are a collectible will be close by. You can usually spot them from a near distance.

Play story missions. With the above in mind, playing through the story will see you travel through a lot of interesting locations - many of which are a stone's throw away from a possible collectible location.

Head for the Tomb of Yvenia. Just to the west of Fort Tarsis, down in the jungle, is an entrance to a tunnel. Fly inside and soon enough you'll reach the door to the Tomb of Yvenia, with a few Sentinels stood guarding it. Along the way however - and past it, as you continue through the tunnel - you'll find at least half a dozen collectibles in various forms. It's a great spot for quickly jumping up your tally.

Focus on Overlooks. These vantage points are arguably the most enjoyable and easiest to find, and are available from the start in Freeplay mode. The following video by WoW Quests provides a quick and easy way to get all 10, completing the Trial of Yvenia requirement at the same time:

Cover image for YouTube videoTrailblazer Challenge Anthem All Overlook Locations
Trailblazer Challenge Anthem All Overlook Locations

Overlooks are also a nice excuse to fly around and see more of the game's stunning world - two of the Anthem's best aspects. You'll also complete the Trailblazer challenge. Sounds like a good plan to us!

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