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Anthem Alliance system: How to join Alliances, rewards and how to check Alliance status

How to easily find Embers and what they're used for in Anthem.

The Anthem Alliance system is a guild-like system which allows you to earn rewards from playing the game alongside friends.

Unlike guilds in other live games, the good news is you don't have to do anything to get involved - though learning how to maximise your rewards by changing the way you play will see your Alliance rewards increase.

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How Anthem's Alliance system works

Anthem's Alliance system is levelled up as you play the game's many missions and activities.

Every time you complete an expedition, you earn Alliance XP as well as regular XP. The amount of XP earned is exactly the same for both, with the Alliance XP is put towards a weekly Alliance contribution.

Earn enough Alliance XP in a given week and you'll level up your Alliance level, with each tier giving Coin instantly.

At the end of the weekly reset, your Alliance level will be compared your top five most active friends. The closer your Alliance level is to each of those Friends, the higher the rewards you'll receive. But even if you don't have the same Alliance level, you'll still earn something.

A better way to look at Anthem Alliances is less of a guild system and more of a highscore board, which the Alliance list showing the top five players on your friends list by activity for that week. And instead of trying to beat your friends, you aim is to match them by playing as much as they do.

Remember, you don't need to play at the same time as your friends for your Alliance to level up - it simply logs your XP whenever you have the time in the week, and compares them with your friends at the Anthem weekly reset.

However, playing alongside them means you're more likely to earn the same amount of XP as each other - and as a result, be a closer Alliance level for more rewards.

How do you join an Alliance in Anthem?

Unlike a traditional guild in other lives games, you don't need to do anything to opt into the Anthem Alliance system, with any XP earned automatically contributing to your total and your friends automatically populating the list.

If you don't have any friends who have played Anthem that week, then the Alliance list won't be empty - it will be populated with one person who you have matchmade with to help flesh it out (thanks Reddit for explaining this). But to get five people, they need to be active friends.

The best course of action is to start populating the list - on PC that's your Origin friends, PS4 it's PlayStation Network friends and Xbox One your Xbox friends - and encourage them to play if you want rewards.

It's worth noting the XP they have earned is not backdated - it only gets contributed to your Alliance screen from the moment you add them - and only the top five friends on your list will be contributed to your Alliance. You can't add loads of people to earn more Coin - it's a case of quality over quantity!

How to check your Alliance Status in Anthem

To check your Anthem Alliance status, visit Lucky Jak in Fort Tarsis - it's the same place you can see your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges.

You'll know you're in the right place when you see the hour glass. Alternatively, you can also see it in the Javelin Launch Bay.

You also get a preview of your Alliance level and progress each time you complete an expedition.

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Anthem Alliance rewards

There are two ways to earn Alliance rewards in Anthem:

  • Each time you level up your Alliance status during the week
  • At the end of the Anthem weekly reset, based on your Alliance level compared to your friends

Both of them will give you Anthem Coins as a reward. With Anthem only just having been launched, the specifics of how much you earn is currently unknown - we'll report back on Anthem Alliance rewards soon when we know more!

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