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Anthem guide and walkthrough mission list: How to survive the threats of Bastion

All our Anthem guides in one place, as well as an in-progress list of Anthem walkthrough missions

Anthem is finally here after several demos and a period of Early Access.

There's a lot of BioWare's shared-world shooter, and one this page is a list of our Anthem guides, explaining systems, unlocks and puzzle solutions.

Meanwhile, we also have a Anthem walkthrough in-progress - though not a step-by-step guide to all objectives in each mission, it should give you an idea of what objectives are coming up in what order.

If you're after something more general, then our Anthem tips, tricks and things to know provides a good overview of things to get you started.

Anthem guide list - all our Anthem guides so far

We've been putting together a series of guides based on our time with the various Anthem demos - and some time at a preview event of the early and late game recently too - so here's a quick rundown of all the Anthem guides we have available so far, which should leave you very well prepared for what's in store in the full game:

System explainers:


Puzzle solutions:

Items, consumables and locations:

Anthem | Starter Guide - Everything You Need to KnowWatch on YouTube

Anthem walkthrough - list of missions

Though not a step-by-step Anthem walkthrough for all objectives, here is a list of Anthem missions in order, with links to other Anthem guides if relevant - helpful if you are hoping to get up to speed with a friend who is further ahead in the story.

  • Silence the Heart of Rage
  • Early Warnings
  • Welcome to Fort Tarsis
  • Lost Arcanist
  • Lighting a Fire
  • Incursion
  • Lending a Hand
    • See in the Dark (Speak to Matthias)
    • What Freelancers Do (Speak to Freelancer Yarrow)
    • Preventative Precautions (Speak to Sentinel Brin)
  • Finding Old Friends
  • Meeting with Corvus
  • Freeplay: Tombs of the Legionnaires (complete the following challenges to open their Trials):
    • Trial of Artinia
      • Complete 5 World Events
      • Earn 30 Weapon Defeats
      • Earn 15 Weak Point Defeats
      • Defeat 9 Elites
    • Trial of Cariff
      • Complete 3 missions
      • Earn 30 Gear defeats
      • Complete 15 Combo triggers
      • Earn 3 multi-kills
    • Trial of Gawnes
      • Earn 50 Melee defeats
      • Earn 50 Ultimate defeats
      • Earn 3 Legendary defeats
  • The Tomb of General Tarsis
  • The Fortress of Dawn
  • Crafting the Dawn Shield
  • Mysterious beginnings
  • Dear Diary
  • Triple Threat
  • Inverse Functions
  • Convergence
  • Freelancer Down
  • Repairs and Inspiration
  • Return to the Heart of Rage
  • Challenges of the Legionnaires (endgame version)