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Another Call of Duty: Warzone exploit has been fixed, this time for unbreakable gas masks

But not all the glitches Argon.

Another day, another game-breaking glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone. It wasn't quite the infamous stim glitch, but the end result was similar, as this time players found an exploit that allowed them to create unbreakable gas masks. Thankfully, this particular method has now been patched out by Raven.

In your average game of Warzone, masks are supposed to degrade when you sit outside the ring, eventually breaking so that you start taking damage from the gas (and die). Some players figured out a way to glitch the masks to prevent them breaking at all, allowing them to stay far outside the ring and avoid any final battles. The method of doing this was apparently quite fiddly, and involved deliberately killing yourself at the right time (then winning a Gulag and picking up a gas mask).

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Thankfully Raven has already issued a fix for this exploit, which should hopefully prevent people from camping out in the gas. Until another cheating method is discovered, perhaps.

New gas mask exploiter no stim needed this time from r/CODWarzone

Unfortunately, while the gas mask glitch has seemingly been resolved, players are reporting that a number of other glitches are still active in the game. Once again players have been clipping under the map, with Stadium being one of the main hotspots. In fact, there are still a number of locations where players can clip inside walls to shoot unsuspecting victims, and it seems Raven's recent attempts to patch these out haven't been entirely successful.

Theres still a way to get under the map from r/CODWarzone
has anyone else seen this glitch sport or am i late from r/CODWarzone

A lot of players are understandably starting to get a little fed up with the Stadium glitch - which has been a known problem for several weeks - and is just the latest glitch in a long line of game-breaking Warzone exploits and cheats. Well... at least one more exploit has now been checked off the list. Re-stim peace.