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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp adds another familiar face


Nintendo is keeping up its frequent additions to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with the introduction of Gulliver, the life sim series' frequently-lost seagull.

In other Animal Crossing games, Gulliver washes up on the shoreline of your town dazed from a shipwreck. Help him work out where he was originally headed and you'll get an appropriately-themed gift in the post the following day.

In Pocket Camp, Animal Crossing's free-to-play smartphone spin-off, Gulliver has entered the import-export business. You can offload your unwanted furniture and clothing items to his ship, and then he'll sail away and come back with edible treats. These treats can then be given to your campsite visitors to increase their friendship.

You can also, after a certain amount of items, unlock extra animals for your campsite, who'll turn up with Gulliver when he returns from one of his trips.

Give Gulliver better quality furniture or clothing and you'll get better treats in reward. Of course, players are already working out how to min-max the system by crafting good furniture quickly to then offload and reap the best rewards - I recommend the delightfully dedicated Pocket Camp subreddit if you are as addicted as I am.

Despite a shaky start and some ever-present worries over how greedy the game can be when encouraging you to cough up, Pocket Camp has been kept remarkably well updated with new events, features and other content since its launch last November. There's some eye-raising prices for cosmetic items if you wish to get those things quickly, but so far I've been able to keep up with everything without paying a penny.

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