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Looks like Animal Crossing grandma has a character named after her in New Horizons

Talk of the town.

You've heard of the Skyrim-playing grandma, but have you heard of the Animal Crossing grandma who became famous for her impressive gameplay time? Well, now it looks like she's being recognised in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as eagle-eyed fans have spotted a new character that appears to have been named after her.

Last year, 87-year-old Audrey went viral on Twitter after her grandson tweeted a picture of her impressive 3580 hours of play on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a number that's likely only grown further. She'd played almost every day to get her town to that point, with only a couple of days off due to illness.

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At the time, her grandson Paul Hubans (who is also a game designer) said she would "hopefully" get Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch, pledging to "sell more copies of my game and save up for that". I hope he's been saving, as it seems like Audrey has been commemorated with a new villager name. As spotted by koolwala on Reddit, screenshots from the Nintendo World review show New Horizons has a fresh character called Audie, a wolf with a nice pair of sunglasses and some spectacular winged eyeliner. Her name is significant, as Audie is the username used by Audrey when playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

While it's not 100 per cent confirmed, Audie is a pretty unusual name, so it seems unlikely to be a coincidence. And as the Skyrim-playing grandma managed to become an Elder Scrolls 6 NPC thanks to a fan petition, now seems like a pretty good time to be a gaming grandparent.

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