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Among Us is getting a hide and seek mode

UPDATE: 15-player lobbies arrive next week.

UPDATE 13/06/2021: We now have a release date for the Among Us player limit increase, and it's set to arrive on 15th June.

Announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, 15-player lobbies will arrive on all platforms in an update next week. A tweet from the official Among Us account suggests that the new colours, kill screen menu and mobile controller support will also arrive with this update. Oh, and also "horn honking on the Airship". That's important.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmong Us 15 Player Lobbies – Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2021 – Official Announce Trailer
Among Us 15 Player Lobbies

ORIGINAL STORY 10/06/2021: It seems there's a whole lot of content on the horizon for social deduction game Among Us, as developer InnerSloth has detailed its upcoming plans for 2021 - and it's looking like a busy schedule.

The big news revealed during Summer Game Fest is that a new mode is on the way, called Hide and Seek. It seems seekers will be given a very small radius in which they can see other players, leaving it up to those hiding to out-manoeuvre their pursuers.

And that's not the only major gameplay change - after modders started doing it themselves, some new roles are officially being added to the mix, including Sheriff and Scientist roles. As of yet there's no details on how these work (even on the roadmap explainer page), so I imagine this will be explained at a later date.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmong Us Roadmap 🗺️ Our plans for the game!
Among Us 2021 roadmap

InnerSloth has been teasing new crewmate colours recently, and we now know the full upcoming roster: you can expect to find tan, maroon, "gray", rose, banana and coral-coloured crewmates coming to a ship near you. Visor cosmetics will soon be a thing, allowing you to further decorate your little crewmate.

InnerSloth is also adding 15-player support to Among Us, which will allow for larger games than the current limit of 10. Support for 15-player games, the new colours, mobile controller support, and a "slight graphics update" are due to arrive in the next big update.

Along with all that the team is working on achievements and account linking between platforms, but more importantly, a top-secret fifth map. The video shows only a button, so we really are in the dark on this one. InnerSloth hasn't yet given any set release dates for all of these upcoming features, but the developer has promised to keep players in the loop when it's ready to announce more.