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Amazon bringing South Korean action RPG Lost Ark west this autumn

The right direction.

Amazon is bringing Lost Ark to North America and Europe this autumn.

Amazon Games has snapped up the free-to-play Diablo-style action RPG for release on PC. A beta is planned later this summer. The trailer shown during last night's Summer Game Fest event is below:

Cover image for YouTube videoLost Ark: Gameplay Announce Trailer

Lost Ark is already out in Korea, Japan and Russia, and has more than eight million concurrent players, Amazon said. It's developed by South Korean studio Smilegate RPG, whose parent company developed the phenomenally popular first-person shooter Crossfire.

Amazon Games, which has internally-developed MMO New World due out later this year, recently cancelled its Lord of the Rings MMO over a dispute between Amazon and Chinese mega-corp Tencent.

The cancellation was the latest setback for Amazon Game Studios, which is yet to release a game. In October Amazon canceled Crucible - five months after its release and four months after its un-release.

In February, Amazon's ambitious MMO New World received its third delay, and is now expected 31st August.

Christoph Hartmann, VP of Amazon Games, said Lost Ark "is the first of many exciting titles that Amazon Games will be publishing".

Also in development are new games from the Amazon Games team in San Diego, led by industry veteran John Smedley, and the newly formed Amazon Games development studio in Montreal, founded by the core team behind Rainbow Six Siege.