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Adorable PSVR hit Astro Bot is getting a PS5 platform spin-off at launch

And it'll be pre-loaded onto the console.

Sony Japan Studio's Astro Bot was a delightful surprise when it released on PSVR back in 2018, stealing hearts with its inventive 3D platforming and adorable robo-protagonist Astro. And now the latter is set to return in a pint-sized PS5 spin-off, launching with the console this "holiday".

Astro's Playroom, as the new experience will be known, sees Astro and his crew embarking on a fresh adventure that looks to be part platformer, part introduction to the PS5.

According to Sony's brief blog description of the game, it'll feature four distinct worlds, each themed around a different PlayStation 5 component, and will make use of the DualSense wireless controller's various new features - such as haptic feedback.

Cover image for YouTube videoAstro's Playroom - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Just like its PSVR predecessor - which Eurogamer's Christian Donlan called a "generous and thrilling exploration of the wonders" of the technology in his Recommended review, if you were curious - the whole thing looks entirely adorable. And best of all, Astro's Playroom will be included with all PlayStation 5s at launch, pre-loaded for your pleasure.