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Astro's Playroom Trophy list: How to unlock all the hidden and add-on trophies explained

How to complete your Astro's Playroom trophy collection!

Astro's Playroom has a total of 46 trophies for you to collect.

Some of these trophies are earned by completing certain levels, while others require you to find a certain number of collectables or complete an optional task. Each one, however, needs to be completed if you want to fully complete Astro's Playroom.

Below you'll find a list of all the trophies in Astro's Playroom, including the hidden and add-on trophies, and how to unlock each one.

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Astro's Playroom trophy list

Apart from the hidden and add-on trophies, there's 28 trophies for you to find in Astro's Playroom.

These trophies are earned by completing areas, finding collectables and completing little activities throughout the game, with each one marking your progress through Astro's Playroom.

Below you'll find all the non-hidden trophies and how to unlock them in Astro's Playroom:

TrophyHow to unlock Grade
You've Only Done EverythingFound all trophies in Astro's Playroom.Platinum
Do it!Cleared Memory Meadow.Silver
Emotion Engine!Cleared SSD Speedway.Silver
HD graphics!Cleared Cooling Springs.Silver
Greatness Awaits!Cleared GPU Jungle.Silver
In Mint ConditionGot your first artefact!Bronze
Such a Big Fan!Got all artefacts in Cooling Springs.Silver
Charted!Got all artefacts in GPU Jungle.Silver
Welcome to the Third PlaceGot all artefacts in SSD Speedway.Silver
... And Conquered WorldsGot all artefacts in Memory Meadow.Silver
Dude Raider!Collected all artefacts in the four main stages and the PS Labo.Gold
One Down, Lots More to Go!Got your first puzzle piece.Bronze
Cool HoarderGot all puzzle pieces in Cooling Springs.Silver
The Found LegacyGot all puzzle pieces in GPU Jungle.Silver
Omega Booster!Got all puzzle pieces in SSD SpeedwaySilver
Ico-nicGot all the puzzle pieces in Memory Meadow.Silver
A Grand Tour!Got all puzzle pieces in the game.Gold
Gatcha BeginnerGot your first Gatcha prize.Bronze
For the Players!Got a secret gatcha.Bronze
Gatcha ManiacGot half the gatcha pirzes.Silver
Saru Gatcha!Got all gatcha prizes.Gold
Project NeoSent 10 bots flying with a single spin attack.Bronze
The Last GuyWalked around with at least 20 bots following you in CPU Plaza.Bronze
Keepy UppiesJuggled a ball five times with the Frog suit.Bronze
Wipeout!Got a strike in Memory Meadow.Bronze
Ready for the ProvingDeflected a Spitter's attack with an arrow.Bronze
No No No Noooooo!Fell 30 meters and caught yourself in the monkey suit in GPU Jungle.Bronze
It's All in the MindBeat 3 enemies quickly by punching them.Bronze

Hidden trophies and how to unlock them in Astro's Playroom

There are 15 hidden trophies for you to hunt down in Astro's Playroom, which are earned by completing specific tasks in the game's various levels.

Since the exact way these trophies are earned is hidden on the trophy list for Astro's Playroom, we've separated these trophies from the main Astro's Playroom trophy list to make it easier for you to figure out exactly which trophy you're missing.

Here are the hidden trophies for Astro's Playroom:

TrophyHow to unlockGrade
This Way UpPunched the PS Logo on the PS2 in PlayStation Labo.Bronze
You Got a Trophy!Picked up a trophy in PlayStation Labo.Bronze
I Recognise You...Punched and looked into the lens of PS VR in PlayStation Labo.Bronze
The Very Far Point...Stood on the tip of the Aim Controller in PlayStation Labo.Bronze
Honey, I'm Home!Walked under the PlayStation Home icon in PlayStation Labo.Bronze
Disc Swap!Opened the lid of the PlayStation console in PlayStation Labo.Bronze
Hell DiverDived into the water from the diving board.Bronze
Jumping Splash!Jumped in the fountain near the final goal in Cooling Springs.Bronze
Twisting MetalJumped three times during a spin attack on ice.Bronze
Jason!Sheltered from the heavy rain in Memory Meadow.Bronze
Pain!Got hit by flying rubbish in Memory Meadow.Bronze
Little Rolling Star...Made a huge snowball.Bronze
Adequate, Boy...Hit all rabbits with arrows at the mountain peak of GPU Jungle.Bronze
Wild ArmsPerformed a spin while shooting the machine gun.Bronze
Super ComputerRevealed former logo in PlayStation Labo.Bronze

Add-on trophies and how to unlock them in Astro's Playroom

There are three trophies that can only be collected by playing the add-on for Astro's Playroom.

Here are the trophies that you can earn by playing the add-on for Astro's Playroom:

TrophyHow to unlockGrade
Play Has No Limits!Cleared the game and got the New Generation artefacts.Gold
Run Astro Run!Got a total Speed Run time of seven minutes or under.Gold
Gravity Daze!Made the CPU Chip punch the glass sphere, sending at least 10 Bots flying.Bronze

Good luck collecting all of the trophies in Astro's Playroom!

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