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A new PC mod fixes one of No Man's Sky's most frustrating traits

This is a low.

About 30 hours into No Man's Sky and I'm still loving it, even if its faults are beginning to pile up like a neat mound of Heridium. It's a soft, muted brand of adventure that Hello Games has crafted - "it is to simulated space what Finding Nemo is to the North Atlantic," said Alexis Kennedy for us on Saturday, and he's certainly got a point - so thank heavens for the PC modders who are here to serve up something for those who would like a little more meat on their bones.

A low-flight mode has been added to the PC version that lets you hug the procedurally generated landscapes of planets and even lets you plunge underwater. It's very much preferable to the impenetrable cushion of air that's in the vanilla game, but be warned - with this mod installed, your ship can take damage if you ride it into terrain.

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Since No Man's Sky came out on PC modders have done fine work, allowing players to quickly turn the HUD off so they can snap away to their heart's content and - most importantly - shut up that damn exosuit who's very much a glass half empty kind of gal with her 'Life Support Systems Low' even though it's at a mean 75 per cent.

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