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A collapsed lung didn't stop this League of Legends pro

"It hurts to laugh :("

Would you play a video game after suffering a collapsed lung? This League of Legends pro did.

Two days ago 21-year-old Hai "Hai" Du Lam, mid-laner for professional League of Legends team Cloud 9, suffered a collapsed lung and was rushed to hospital. It put him out of the upcoming All-Star 2014 event in Paris because he's not allowed to fly, as you'd expect.

Hai wrote on Facebook: "Currently in the hospital, I'm not allowed to go to Paris anymore. I'm sorry to everyone who was excited to see us play. I'm not in critical condition and will be fine, just need some rest. Thanks for all the support."

But being hospitalised didn't stop Hai from playing Riot's phenomenally popular MOBA. Using hospital wi-fi and a laptop, last night he played the game - and streamed it on Twitch for a whopping four hours straight. Why? Because he was bored.

Hai says he's on the mend, although he remains in hospital for now. We wish Hai well, but, you know, maybe stay off the LOL for a bit, eh?

A video of the stream is below.

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