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360 unlikely to see Gears PC bits

No plans, but never say never.

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What with Gears of War launching on PC today (read our review or they won't pay me), we thought it would be a good idea to ask Mark Rein for the umpteenth time whether the five new chapters are ever going to come out on Xbox 360.

Asked if Epic is categorically never going to release them as downloads for Xbox 360 users, Rein said, "It looks that way."

Never? "Well, never say never, but I mean there's no plans to do it. The problem is the two versions aren't really compatible," he added, reiterating the previous explanation that the PC and Xbox 360 code-bases are too far removed from one another for an efficient patch.

Gears of War on PC introduces chapters that bridge the gap between events at the end of Act 4 and those that kick off Act 5. In essence (mild spoiler), it explains why they go from the house to the train. Sort of.

Gears on PC also includes a level editor and of course the ability to play with a keyboard and mouse, which we certainly appreciated, and it also allows you to get on board with Games for Windows - Live (Xbox Live for Windows) on XP as well as Vista, meaning you can unlock another 1000 points worth of Gamerscore for Gears of War if you're really that bothered.

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