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20,000 support disabled gamer's plight

EA asked to change Dead Space 2 controls.

Over 20,000 people have signed an online petition calling on developers to enable button remapping after a disabled gamer complained about not being able to play Dead Space 2.

Disabled gamer Gareth, who asked fellow gamers for advice on the overclockers.co.uk forum, plays PC games including Fallout: New Vegas without using his hands. To do so he customises a game's controls so he can navigate virtual environments using his chin and the left and right buttons of a mouse.

With EA's recently released action game Dead Space 2, however, Gareth ran into problems.

"There's no way to have the walk forward on a mouse button," he said. "It makes me so mad that game companies don't make their games fully custom controls. If they can have the fire assigned to a mouse button, surely they could of assigned to a mouse button. So now I can't play this game and I wasted £25."

His forum post sparked hundreds of replies, and an online petition that currently sits on 22,328 signatories.

EA and developer Visceral Games are yet to comment on the matter.