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16-year-old Morrowind mod project adds new update

Khajit now on NexusMods.

If you wanted to feel old today, think on this: Morrowind was originally released in 2002, making the game 16 years old. And for almost as long, modders have been adding their own creative touches to the game, including those working on "Tamriel Rebuilt". It's an ongoing project by fans trying to faithfully reconstruct the parts of Morrowind's landmass which Bethesda did not have time to make. Now, after many years of work, the modders have released their latest build, called Old Ebonheart, which adds brand new areas and questlines to the already-extensive mod.

This map shows the new area being added in this latest update.

As the name suggests, the addition focuses on the town of Old Ebonheart, which the modders describe as "the very heart of Imperial power in Morrowind, a slice of civilised Cyrodiil in the alien east". So civilised, in fact, it has a bank which will only let players open an account if they have a good reputation. Yet players will need to remain alert, as "danger and intrigue lurks" within. Travellers may lose their money or influence in the town, or something "worse" - whatever that's supposed to mean.

Judging by the sounds of it, players may well want to go on a country getaway, which is doable as the modders have also created a range of new settlements in the Aanthirin region. In these, players can find local dialogue, a new (non-player) guild, and a host of miscellaneous quests.

The modders are re-creating Tamriel in the style of the original developer.

Although Morrowind is no longer mod-ern, the project looks well-made and the creators have clearly paid great attention to detail. If you want to download the mod, make sure to visit the project's NexusMods page. Or, if you want a more hands-on role, you can apply to join the modding team.