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15-year-old FIFA 21 wonderkid's astonishing 535-game win streak finally comes to an end

"A record for ages..."

15-year-old FIFA 21 wonderkid Anders Vejrgang's record-breaking 535-game winning streak has finally come to an end.

Vejrgang, from Denmark, plays FIFA professionally for RB Leipzig's esports team and is considered the best FIFA player in the world.

He won an astonishing 535 games in a row in Ultimate Team's Weekend League - the game's most gruelling, hardcore competitive mode, before losing on Sunday, 14th February 2021. Each weekend a maximum number of 30 wins can be achieved in FUT 21 Champions.

The video below shows the match, which Vejrgang streamed live on Twitch. Vejrgang lost 5-1, although three of his opponent's goals were scored late in the game when Vejrgang was chasing an equaliser.

Vejrgang's Ultimate Team for the FUT Champions match loss.
His opponent's team.

"A record for ages but every streak must come to an end," RB Leipzig said in a tweet.

It's a shock loss, but it does not diminish Vejrgang's incredible achievement of playing at such a high level each weekend since FIFA 21's October 2020 launch. Vejrgang holds the world record for a winning streak in FIFA 21: FUT Champions - a record I imagine he will hold for some time.

Vejrgang can't play in official EA FIFA tournaments until he is 16, but he's already considered the best FIFA player in the world. And the world has noticed: he has over over half a million followers on Twitch, over 300,000 followers on Instagram, over 91,000 subscribers on YouTube and nearly 90,000 followers on Twitter. This kid has already hit the big-time - and in the world of FIFA esports, the sky's the limit.

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