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10 mind-melting BioShock Infinite theories

And more from Outside Xbox.

Hello Eurogamers! January's over and with it our half-hearted fitness plans. Back to the cosily familiar bum-shaped impression on our couch. And while there aren't that many proper games out, developers seem to be using the start of the year lull to flog us DLC for our existing library.

It's the first of Call of Duty: Ghosts' add-ons we're focussing on in Show of the Week. Infinity Ward takes a leaf out of Treyarch's book with the playful and mostly incongruous inclusion of Halloween bogeyman Michael Myers. Find out which of the three of us makes the best masked killer below.

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BioShock Infinite's DLC, meanwhile, is approaching its conclusion. Burial At Sea episode two should answer the questions posed by the first instalment, but until it arrives we're free to wildly speculate as to what it all means. Here are 10 BioShock Infinite theories that will mess with your noodle.

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Finally, we embark on a scavenger hunt, looking for rare items and activities in Red Dead Redemption. If you're curious as to exactly how long it takes a cowboy to get drunk to the point of immobilisation then watch on, pilgrim.

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For more, including a look at what happened to Lara Croft's face in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, head to our YouTube channel.

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