Pokémon Go Santa Hat Pikachu - how and where to catch Christmas Pikachu this holiday

Everything you need to know about that Pikachu in the cool hat.

Alongside all the other exciting news, Pokémon Go has introduced Santa Hat Pikachu in its December update, meaning you can now get your hands on the little mascot in a lovely Holiday hat.

Santa Hat Pikachu, otherwise known officially as Holiday Pikachu or unofficially as Christmas Pikachu, is available now, but much like the Surfing Pikachu and promotional Pokémon of the past, it won't be around forever. Here, we'll be explaining how to catch Santa Hat Pikachu, where to find it, if it keeps that adorable Christmas hat after it evolves, and more.

Santa Hat Pikachu details - where to find it and when is it available until?


Santa Hat Pikachu was originally announced to be available until December 29th at 7pm UK time, but since then developer Niantic has said it "will also be staying around a bit longer" - so expect it to keep going until the New Year. The good news is any caught Pikachu caught in this period will remain with their Santa Hats after the event is over.

Here are the other important things to know:

  • Pikachu does indeed keep the hat when it evolves into Raichu - as confirmed by Reddit user cuincyboy, you can now get a Santa Hat Raichu, too!
  • Pikachu nests will spawn Santa Hat Pikachu - as confirmed by Reddit user CharlieWild, that means you can farm plenty of Santa Hat Pikachu if you find a nest and act fast!
  • Ditto will not transform into Santa Hat Pikachu - once again confirmed by a diligent Reddit user, this time Darkwolfie117, this means that if you use a Ditto to attack a Gym held by a Santa Hat Pikachu, it will only transform into a standard Pikachu.
  • Santa Hat Pikachu spawns are more frequent now - for this limited period during the event, Santa Hat Pikachu will appear "in large quantities," according to Niantic themselves, and we've found them to be appearing near Pokéstops where we've never seen Pikachu before ourselves, within a couple hours of keeping the app open.
  • All other stats are the same - Santa Hat Pikachu costs the same amount of Candy to evolve, and has the same stats like max CP as a standard Pikachu; it's purely cosmetic!
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