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Zynga's continually-delayed Star Wars: Hunters has been pushed back once again

Originally set for 2021, now launching 2024.

Star Wars: Hunters screenshot showing a stack of Jawas in a trench coat - one of the arena shooter's playable units.
Image credit: Zynga / Eurogamer

A long time ago, in a press release that now seems far, far away, mobile game maker Zynga announced arena squad shooter Star Wars: Hunters for Nintendo Switch and smartphones.

But in the years since, Star Wars: Hunters has been repeatedly delayed, with an original 2021 launch window turning into 2022, then 2023, and now - as of last night - 2024.

In a statement issued to X, formerly Twitter, last night, Zynga said it had made the "difficult decision to delay the worldwide launch of Star Wars: Hunters to 2024", without providing any more concrete launch details.

A Star Wars Hunters trailer from 2022.Watch on YouTube

Zynga said it was "committed to creating the best experience for our players" and was thankful to those who had tried the game so far during its previous soft launch, when it was available in a limited number of countries.

"Game delays are frustrating, for both fans and us as developers, but our top priority remains to ensure players have the best possible experience," Zynga concluded. "We continue to strive toward that goal."

Hunters is set to feature a colourful cast of Star Wars aliens, each with different abilities and weapons, in arenas where you fight in teams of four-vs-four. The title is also set to feature Huttball, a football-esque side-mode that previously popped up in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.

Here's hoping the deal doesn't get worse, and 2024 is the last delay Zynga announces.

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