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Zynga shows off Star Wars: Hunters for Switch and mobile

But delayed to 2022, it is.

Today brings our first proper look at Star Wars: Hunters, the upcoming free-to-play arena squad shooter for Nintendo Switch, iPhone and Android.

To start with, Zynga today released a nice CGI trailer which gives us a decent sense of the game's style. Characters from across the Star Wars galaxy square off in tight arenas themed around familiar locales.

You can play as a Sith, Jedi, Wookie and Mandalorian characters. In a nice touch, you can also play as a pair of Jawas balancing on each other's shoulders.

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Actual gameplay of Hunters has also surfaced, as part of last night's big Apple event where it popped up to advertise the new iPad mini. Here's a glimpse at that:

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And finally, we also now have some screenshots. Apparently a soft launch is now imminent in certain areas of the world:

All of this comes with official confirmation the game will properly arrive for Switch and mobile phones in 2022. That's a delay on the 2021 release window originally mentioned when the game was first announced with few other details back in February's Nintendo Direct.

Star Wars Hunters is being developed here in the UK by Zynga's London-based studio NaturalMotion and Brighton-based subsidiary Boss Alien, best known for CSR Racing.

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