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Zune video content for Euro Xbox Live

But new Zune HD only confirmed for US.

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Microsoft has announced plans to bring Zune Marketplace content to Xbox Live in Europe this autumn.

The move will make Zune video content, including TV shows and films, available here for the first time via "either instant streaming, download to rent or download to own, so you can watch even when you aren't connected to the internet".

The company also announced Zune HD for the US only this autumn, promising a built-in HD radio receiver, HD video output to TV, Wi-Fi and internet browsing, and an OLED touch-screen (480x272 resolution).

However, it stopped short of announcing a Zune device for Europe, which is still out in the cold when it comes to the company's MP3 and video player.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Chris Stephenson has told the Guardian that the company is "not talking specifically about the gaming aspect of our [handheld] hardware platform at the moment, but it's definitely something that over time, we want to step up, and we'll have more announcements around that in the future".

We should get to see how Zune Marketplace integrates with Xbox Live at E3 next week, and whether things like the PC service's social functions and subscription options will make the jump.

The Zune video content will launch in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Spain this autumn with more support to follow.

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