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You can now visit Guildford High Street in No Man's Sky

Home of Hello Games!

In an endless universe of infinite possibilities, where would you most like to go? If your answer is 'Guildford High Street', then, hey, you're in luck, as fearless space explorers can now visit west Surrey's most glamorous locale in No Man's Sky.

Perhaps, first, a quick introduction for those who've yet to experienced the marvels of Guildford High Street for themselves; it's the epicentre of a small town situated around 40 miles south-west of London that just so happens to be a thriving hub for the UK's game development scene.

Poke around and you'll find the likes of Supermassive, Media Molecule, EA, Room developer Fireproof Games, Criterion, Ubisoft - and, of course, No Man's Sky developer Hello Games.

No Man's Sky for Nintendo Switch - Digital Foundry Tech Review.Watch on YouTube

Needless to say, it's the latter that inspired one plucky No Man's Sky creator, going by the name Rasdar07, to build Guildford High Street in-game - a feat that they say took four days. "Started the build 2 months ago but my PC started to malfunction so I couldn't continue," they explained on Twitter. "Last week I got back in NMS and continued the build, and that's the result".

Those eager to get a taste of Rasdar07's digital deep-space replica, which apparently even includes building interiors, and admire Hello Games' intergalactic offices from afar, can do so by firing up an in-game portal and entering the co-ordinates shown in the bottom corner of the image below. Twitch streamer LordFrobozz has also done a video walkthrough (starting around the 1hr 46m mark) if you prefer.

It has also just occurred to me that Switch/Steam Deck owners can now visit Guildford High Street in No Man's Sky while standing on Guildford High Street in real-life. Technology!

Guildford High Street isn't the only modern wonder to have been recreated in No Man's Sky using the game's surprisingly powerful build tools. Back in 2018, one enterprising No Man's Sky fan built a giant Sean Murray face on a planet's surface, almost visible from space.

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