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No Man's Sky fan builds giant Sean Murray face on planet's surface, almost visible from space

And you can visit it if you like.

No Man's Sky's impressive NEXT update came out last week and the response has been generally positive. Over the weekend, in fact, more than 97,000 concurrent players logged in to Hello Games' revamped space sim on PC - and, even now, it's the fifth most played game on Steam.

That's quite the turnaround, and some fans are showing their enthusiasm for the rejuvenated No Man's Sky in the time-honoured fashion: by sharing kind words or screenshots of their most beautiful discoveries across the internet. However, one fan, going by the name Roland Oberheim, has taken a more unique approach to celebrating NEXT's accomplishments, building a giant monument to creator Sean Murray on the surface of one of the millions of planets within No Man's Sky's universe. It's so big, in fact, that it's visible from the atmosphere.

The massive edifice is fashioned using a precise arrangement of floor panels - elements included in the game's extensive building tools - and measures 37x50 squares. The result, as I'm sure you'll agree, is an entirely convincing replica of Sean Murray and beard.

Strong groundwork, excellent composition.
The view from the atmosphere...
...and a revealing look at the structure from ground level.

Perhaps the best thing about all this though, is that, thanks to the fast-travel portal system implemented in No Man's Sky's previous update, it's actually relatively easy to visit the planet in question and admire the monument with your own eyes. And, what's more, as a result of NEXT's new multiplayer features, you can even take a group of friends with you, emoting around Murray's grandiose follicles until everyone is spent.

To visit Sean Murray's beaming space face, you just need to find and activate a portal, then enter the following glyph sequence:

You know you want to.

Oberheim's efforts even caught the attention of the man himself, with Murray tweeting, "The only way this could have been better is if I had come across it by accident whilst playing the game". One scamp responded, "Is this possible?", to which another replied, "Yeah it can but like Sean always said the chance are small". Zing.

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