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Yoshi left out of Mario Kart Super Circuit secret bonus points

Bowser tops.

Dataminers have discovered secret bonus points are given out in Mario Kart Super Circuit for everyone except Yoshi.

At the end of each Grand Prix, players are awarded a rank from E (lowest) to three stars (highest), which is calculated using a complex formula. However, free bonus points are also awarded based on the character the player chooses.

If the player chooses Bowser, for instance, they will receive an extra 45 points for their choice. Yoshi players get nothing.

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The points were discovered in the Game Boy Advance game by a dataminer back in 2017, but have now been shared on the Mario Broth Blog Twitter account.

According to the dataminer, the point distribution is based on how difficult it is to race using certain characters - specifically, based on their grip.

Bowser, for instance, is a heavyweight and slippery character, while Yoshi is lighter and has the highest grip in the game, making it easier to weave around circuits.

Further points are then awarded based on how skillfully you play - securing first place alone isn't enough for the coveted three star ranking.

Star ranking has been included in many of the Mario Kart games since Super Circuit, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, it's unclear if these games also include the character specific bonus points.

Still, this discovery has resurfaced likely due to the inclusion of Super Circuit on Nintendo Switch Online now that Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games have been added to the subscription.

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