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Yoostar 2 adds YouTube functions

Rate, mash-up videos via Facebook app.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Yoostar 2 has gained the in-game ability to upload videos directly to YouTube.

The "movie karaoke" title, in which players act out scenes from classic films, can now post the resulting footage to YouTube, as well as to users' Facebook walls. Rejoice! The world could soon have another Justin Bieber.

Snuggling up to the world's biggest video-sharing site and the world's biggest social network gives Yoostar 2 powerful tools to spread word of the game - so long as users don't mind their own squeaky-voiced Arnie impressions doing the rounds at work the next day.

Prefer watching what others have been up to instead? Then perhaps Yoostar Playground is more your thing. It's a free Facebook app for pointing, laughing, commenting on and "mashing-up" other's performances. You don't even need Yoostar 2 to play it. Playground actions will populate your profile page, as well as generate Yoobucks for use back in the main title.

Man your Facebook feeds. Storm's a brewin'.

Yoostar 2 working with Kinect.

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