Yoostar 2


"There have been a lot of men crying, including me"

Blitz co-founder Philip Oliver's first interview since the demise of one of the UK's longest-running developers.

VideoYoostar launch trailer unleashed

Namco Bandai mucks about with movies.

VideoYoostar 2 for Kinect gameplay

Godfather! Terminator! Star Trek!

VideoEllen DeGeneres plays Yoostar 2

Chat show host takes on The Fighter.

Key events

Kitsu Emotional Avatar tech unveiled

Blitz Games Studios takes on Project Milo.

Yoostar 2 maker Blitz Games Studios has unveiled ambitious new technology it hopes will help create more emotionally engaging characters in video games.

Digital FoundryIs Xbox 360 holding back Kinect?

USB "technicalities" blamed.

Blitz Games founder Phillip Oliver says that the "technicalities of the Xbox" are holding back Kinect from providing higher resolution images. Talking about Blitz's new game, Yoostar, with Gamesindustry.biz, Oliver describes how Microsoft added a digital zoom to the Kinect feature-set as the full high resolution image was not available for the developers to access themselves.

Today's games use 20-30% of Kinect

Yoostar 2 dev claims to use more.

Blitz Games claims to be getting nearly twice as much out of Kinect as everyone else. Those games you see on the shelves today - they're using barely a third of what the new device can do.