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Xbox Series S finally revealed, priced £249

UPDATE: 10th November launch confirmed.

UPDATE 10/9/20 10.20AM UK: Microsoft has now officially revealed yesterday's full launch trailer, confirming the previously-leaked 10th November launch date for Xbox Series S. As was reported yesterday, this is also believed to be the launch date for Xbox Series X, though Microsoft has yet to confirm this.

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UPDATE 9/9/20 9.50AM UK: A full version of the earlier leaked teaser has now listed the console's technical specs as including support for 120FPS at 1440p, 4K upscaling for games, 4K media playback, support for DirectX raytracing, and a custom NVME 512GB SSD.

Oh, and the Series S is 60 per cent smaller than the X, so easier to fit under your TV. Here's that teaser in full:

ORIGINAL STORY 9/9/20 8.40AM UK: Microsoft has at last lifted the lid on Xbox Series S, its lower-powered next-gen console which it has confirmed will launch for $299/€299. [UPDATE: And for £249 in the UK.]

Images and pricing of the Series S were posted overnight by Thurrot and Windows Central, which both report the beefier Xbox Series X will launch for $499. Both consoles are expected to release together on 10th November.

Following these leaks, Microsoft finally confirmed the Series S for itself in the tweet below.

Microsoft calls Series S its "smallest Xbox ever" and another leak, below, has shown off the console's dimensions in comparison to the Series X. It is much smaller - shorter in height and around half as chunky in size. As expected, there's no disc drive.

Other details mentioned in last night's reports include a $25/month financing option for Series S, and a $35/month option for Series X, both of which Microsoft is apparently keen to offer worldwide alongside pre-orders for the new consoles.

Of course, the world has known about the existence of Xbox Series S for some time now - through various leaks of its name on official packaging, and from earlier whispers of a lower-powered console pegged at around 4TF (compared to the Series X's 12TF). Microsoft is yet to talk technical specs for the Series S, but it's clear a full reveal is now imminent.

Earlier this year I reported Series S had once been planned for a much earlier reveal - though Microsoft's plans changed when E3 2020 was cancelled, leaving June awkwardly quiet for next-gen news. Microsoft's next considered an August unveiling, until a final decision to delay its announcement until September.

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