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Xbox appears to be tweaking its Series X game box design again

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Well, it looks like the front of Xbox game cases are getting a very slight refresh, as box art images spotted on BestBuy appear to show a newly re-designed version of the standard Xbox Series X game case.

As you can see from these Halo Infinite and Flight Simulator listings, more of the box is taken up with game art rather than additional Xbox logos at the top, and the console banner has become a little shorter and wider. The banner has also changed colour from black to white - as if someone's flipped a switch to put it in light mode.

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Social media account Xbox News also managed to spot a version for Forza Horizon 5, which you can see below. It's worth noting that the big "optimised for Series X" badge was removed from cases last year following negative feedback from fans.

The changes are subtle, but it feels like the new design is intended to make it easier to read which console generation the game will play on. Which, as you can see from the Flight Simulator box, makes sense now that more games will only be releasing on Xbox Series X/S. A common complaint from fans last year was that the box design was too cluttered and the logos encroached on the game art, so streamlining the design might also be a response to this feedback.

Here's a comparison between the new and old Halo Infinite designs (complete with the ancient 'optimised for Series X' badge).

Well, I hope those who wanted a simplified game box design are now feeling slightly happier. It may take a little while for those new box designs to actually appear in shops (in case anyone is absolutely desperate to see the subtle new version).

Anyway, in more pressing Xbox news, Microsoft has announced a follow-up showcase that's taking place this Thursday featuring developers such as Obsidian, Ninja Theory and Rare. Given how jam-packed the Xbox-Bethesda showcase was, I'll be interested to see what else Xbox has to share in this one.