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Xbox 360 timed-exclusive Resident Evil 6 modes go on sale 18th December

320 Microsoft Points each.

Three new Resident Evil 6 multiplayer modes arrive for Xbox 360 players on 18th December, publisher Capcom has announced.

The DLC adds new offerings Predator, Survivors and Onslaught. And, as previously announced, they will initially only be available to Xbox 360 players.

Each mode can be purchased separately for 320 Microsoft Points, or there's a bundle of the three together for 720 Microsoft points.

Predator sees players take on the role of Resi 6 boss Ustanak, who's controlled by one of the players. Survivors is a last-man-standing mode where dead players get resurrected as enemies. Finally, Onslaught pits two players against each other in a round of who-kills-the-most-enemies.

Capcom previously mentioned a Siege mode instead of Onslaught. There's no word on why this has been changed.

Meanwhile, the publisher confirmed a 17th December release date for the recently-announced free title update which unlocks Ada Wong's campaign from the off, includes a new ultra-hard difficulty mode and enables users to better modify the game's camera angle.