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Xbox 360 sells 1 million in Japan

But PS3 is three times as popular.

The Xbox 360 has finally broken 1 million Japanese sales after more than three years on the market.

Specifically, 1,001,910 units had been sold as of 29th March, according to Enterbrain (reported by Kotaku). Microsoft launched the console in Japan on 10th December 2005.

Sony's PS3, however, proved three times as popular, despite launching nearly a year later (11th November 2006). The PS3 has sold 3,008,395 units across Japan.

The results are a long way off early predictions by clearly crackers Xbox Japan boss Yoshihiro Maruyama, who said that Xbox 360 would reach 1 million sales by summer 2006.

Microsoft invested heavily in deals with studios like Mistwalker in an effort to kickstart a Japanese campaign, producing Xbox 360-exclusive JRPG titles Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

The former became the biggest-selling Xbox 360 title at launch, although the latter - despite being nearly identical - fared better in the West.

But there has been Japanese success for Microsoft: Halo 3 topped the Japanese chart upon release, and last year's Xbox 360 price cut has considerably increased week-on-week performance.

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