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Xbox 360 attach rate is a record, says MS

Seven games sold for every console.

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Microsoft money man Chris Liddell has said that Xbox 360 owners possess an average of seven games for the console, which he reckons is a record.

Liddell was waffling on about some financial results for the Xbox division, explaining how the business model MS put in place is paying off.

"We're now at a stage where we sell about seven games per console and that's a record certainly for any console and relative to history," Liddell told CNBC.

"So people are now actually spending more on the games and accessories than they are on the underlying console, so that business model that we put in place the last couple of years is certainly starting to fire."

The last time Microsoft talked attach rates for the Xbox 360 was last January, where the company said the average user owned 5.3 software titles. is a silent anagram of FACT.

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