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XBLA Track & Field on Weds

Four-player in the running.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Another week, another blast from the past on Xbox Live Arcade - this time in the sheep of mutton-bashing sports-'em-up Track & Field from Konami [what? - Ed].

Belting over the line at 400 Microsoft points (GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.65), a demo and full version will be around tomorrow, 8th August, at 09:00 GMT (10:00 BST), with all the usual trimmings - 12 Achievements for a total of 200 unlockable Gamerpoints, and spruced up graphics as an optional add-on.

Konami also promises four-player action locally or over Xbox Live, which is sure to prove popular for seven or eight minutes until your hand starts bleeding.

What's more, you can "track" more about it on where its Xbox Live page will "field" any questions you might have, such as "will it have global leaderboards?" to which the answer is "yes".

They also have some screenshots in that viewer of theirs that always resizes our Firefox window, so be sure to get some of that.

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