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WOW dual spec requirements relaxed

Several UI features being added, too.

In an update on the World of Warcraft website, Blizzard has confirmed that it's relaxing the requirements for the dual talent specialisation coming in the next patch.

As suggested by the test server, dual specs will be available from level 40 (not level 80 as originally planned), and will cost 1000 gold to access.

Blizzard has also removed the requirement for players to be near a Lexicon of Power in a city to switch talent spec. You'll now be able to do it anywhere, any time, as long as you're not in combat or in a PVP arena or battleground. Switching will take 5 seconds and reset mana and resources to zero.

A one-click equipment manager's being added too, allowing swift switching between gear sets at the bank or from your bags, using the character window or a hotkey.

WOW's objective tracking will be improved, allowing players to track multiple quests and achievements at once and use quest items without looking through bags. The Looking For Group interface will allow you to specify group roles - damage, tank or healer - and you'll be able to queue for PVP Battlegrounds from anywhere in the world, rather than at Battlemasters in the capital cities.

All this will be delivered in WOW's monster patch 3.1, along with the Ulduar raid zone and Argent Tournament. There's no date or title for the update yet, but expect it sooner rather than later.