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Worms DLC tomorrow

New gardens to wriggle through.

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Developer Team 17 has confirmed that the first batch of downloadable content will be available for Worms XBLA tomorrow.

There will be three new maps to choose from: Hell Landscape and Jungle Landscape at 150 Microsoft points a piece, and Space Landscape for free. In addition there'll be a free sound pack to update foreign language voices, as well as add classic vocals to enhance your wrigglers.

Meanwhile those of you with presentation problems can enjoy a couple of desktop themes for 150 points each, or simply wallow in a Gamer Picture pack of five snaps for 100 points, or 12 for 200.

Or, presumably, you could just pour fairy liquid over your garden and trample around on the grass, then wait patiently for the worms to show their faces before sticking hooks through them and feeding them to the fish. It's up to you.

Worms was released earlier this year on Live Arcade and scored solidly with critics. It's more of the classic 2D action we all remember and love, but it isn't anything new. You can find out more over in our Worms review.

Alternatively pop over to the Team 17 website for a look at the new maps available tomorrow, and to see the latest news for the game.

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