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Gaming has long been fertile ground for comedy. Monkey Island, Portal, and Saints Row are all prime examples of virtual mirth. Through insult swordfighting, lying cakes, and vehicular singalongs, they fuel their puzzle or projectile based shenanigans with the carefully chosen witticisms of an unseen scribe. But gaming is also capable of another kind of humour, one which doesn't involve a single stroke of the pen. I suppose it's best referred to as emergent comedy; a mixture of physical comedy and improv where the human input is one step removed from the events that ultimately transpire.

Worms Collection announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Worms Collection announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Worms, Worms Ultimate Mayhem and Worms 2: Armageddon, plus six DLC packs.

Worms Collection launches in the UK on 31st August for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Mastertronic has announced.

The retail disc includes three Worms games: Worms, Worms Ultimate Mayhem and Worms 2: Armageddon, plus six DLC packs.

Worms, which kicked the series off, launched in 1995 on pretty much every available platform, then again in 2007 on Xbox Live Arcade (and on PlayStation Network in 2009). An iOS version is floating about, too. It's a turn-based tactical 2D side-on blow 'em up in which you kill all of the worms. Eurogamer wasn't around when Worms first released, but our very own Tom Bramwell gave the XBLA remake a 6/10 in our Worms review.

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Team17 confirms Worms for iPhone

Team17 confirms Worms for iPhone

Self-publishing venture in "full sail".

Team17 boss Martyn Brown has confirmed that Worms is in development for iPhone.

Like Worms on XBLA and PSN, the iPhone game will be self-published, a venture Brown told Eurogamer was now in "full sail". He couldn't share any further information, so a price and date will have to wait.

Worms iPhone wriggled out of the secrecy-soil when footage of an early build appeared on the internet. The action is smooth, controls uncluttered and the world is presented in 2D.

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Worms for Euro PSN this Easter

1080p enhanced version of XBLA release.

Team17 has announced that the PlayStation Network version of Worms will be released in Europe over Easter, which presumably means we'll get it on Thursday, 9th April, before we all shut down to scoff chocolate.

Worms DLC tomorrow

New gardens to wriggle through.

Developer Team 17 has confirmed that the first batch of downloadable content will be available for Worms XBLA tomorrow.



The worm has turned up again.

When I got back from holiday and Kristan asked me to review Worms, my shoulders slumped a bit. "I expect I know why that is," he said. "It's because you think that - having slaved half to death while you sunned yourself on a beach somewhere - I am deliberately punishing you with a game that a) everyone has played, b) the two people who haven't can download off Xbox Live and try out anyway, and c) that is probably exactly the same as it always used to be."

"Correct," he added.

Worms' longevity is, of course, tremendous - even by the standards of an industry that continues to support Mega Man, Trip Hawkins and whoever it is that accidentally uploads all Ubisoft's product information to a public FTP once a month. It was 1994 when it first popped up, if Wikipedia remembers correctly, and won plaudits for its delightfully surreal premise, daft weapons and funny accents. Since then it's become something of a national institution, a bit like Terry Wogan or Babs Windsor, at least in the sense - if we're prepared to dispense with the usual games industry standard of "is it ripping off enough films" - that it's failed to do anything particularly inspired in the last ten years and now just sits there reciting the same punchlines while we all applaud like an audience of poorly medicated Kilroy disciples.

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Worms XBLA next week

Wrigglers on Wednesday

Worms has finally reared its head in the Microsoft garden, and has been confirmed for release on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday.

Worms XBLA finally certified

Little wrigglers get closer.

Worms long-awaited Xbox Live Arcade release got a little closer today, with the news that the Team 17 classic has officially passed its certification process.

Team 17 boss explains Worms XBLA delay

More testing than expected.

Team 17 boss Martyn Brown says the developer is as frustrated as anyone about Worms' prolonged absence from Xbox Live Arcade, but he expects we'll see it very soon.

Worms on DS, PSP

2D, wireless, brand new.

Team 17 is Worming its way to PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS through publisher THQ, the pair announced late on Friday.