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World of Warcraft player hits new Battle for Azeroth level cap in just over four hours


World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, came out last night - and already someone hit the new level cap.

Gingi, of hardcore World of Warcraft guild Method, went from the previous level cap of 110 to the new level cap of 120 in a blistering four hours and 17 minutes, playing as a troll druid called Luigingi (thanks, Icy Veins). Here's the moment he hit the cap.

How did he do it so quickly? Completing quests as fast as possible, with help from fellow Method players Meeres and Deepshades, with a plan based on time with the recent Battle for Azeroth beta.

The video, below, shows the entire race to hit the level cap, if you fancy watching the effort.

Most players, of course, will take a bit longer to hit the new level cap in Battle for Azeroth. Our own Oli Welsh (who, by the way, is horde scum), is playing through now and will report on his experience soon.

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