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Wolfenstein 2 shoots up Nintendo Switch in June

Blazko Switch.

Wolfenstein 2 comes out on Nintendo Switch on 29th June, Bethesda has announced.

The Switch version of the bloody first-person shooter was handled by Panic Button with guidance from main Wolfenstein developer MachineGames. Bethesda said it includes the complete, uncensored Wolfenstein 2 experience.

Below is the first official gameplay trailer showing Wolfenstein 2 running on the Nintendo Switch. It looks pretty good!

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MachineGames' FPS came out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October 2017 and our Edwin thought it good enough to recommend in Eurogamer's Wolfenstein 2 review. "Vicious, affecting, witty, spaced-out, crude, inventive, morbid and for the most part, a success," he wrote.

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