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Witcher 3 secret confirmed after seven years

The hunt concludes.

A secret in The Witcher 3 has finally been confirmed by a CD Projekt developer, seven years after the game's initial release.

Youtuber xLetalis yesterday released a new video detailing the discovery, which concerns the character Vivienne in the Blood and Wine DLC.

Quest designer Philipp Weber had previously hinted at Vivienne's "last secret", something fans brought up with him during a CD Projekt Red charity stream on Twitch. "It's on Skellige," he said and the secret "goes quite a bit further" than they might expect (thanks PC Gamer).

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So what is the secret? Minor spoilers follow.

During the Blood and Wine quest The Warble of a Smitten Knight, Geralt meets Vivienne de Tabris - a woman cursed to look like a bird. Geralt offers to lift the curse but notes she will only live as long as the animal.

Turns out that's seven years. If Geralt meditates for seven years in-game (or uses console commands to speed up time), he'll find Vivienne dead in Yennefer's room at Kaer Trolde Harbour.

xLetalis shared his findings in a new video. Weber shared the tweet congratulating xLetalis on the find.

Weber told IGN: "I'm not sure if it's the last secret, but it for sure is pretty close. Everyone hid so many details during the last months of development that people are probably still going to find something new one day.

"For sure this is the Easter Egg I hid the most out of all the ones I did, so it's quite impressive it was finally found."

However, as PC Gamer notes, xLetalis is only the first English-speaker to actually stumble on the secret. German site GameStar published a story on the secret in 2020.

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