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Will Carmine live or die? You decide

By buying Avatar T-shirts.

Gamers will get the chance to decide whether videogame character Clayton Carmine lives or dies in upcoming shooter Gears of War 3.

From 29th July, two different T-shirts will be available on Avatar Marketplace, with all proceeds going to charity Child's Play.

One is emblazoned with "Carmine Must Die" on the front, the other with "Save Carmine". Whichever one sells the most will determine whether Carmine lives or dies in the game.

In the first two Gears of War games, a rookie Carmine has bit the dust as a means of teaching the player how not to fight the unending Locust horde.

The poor rookie soldiers haven't had much luck. This time, though, Carmine's fate is in your hands. Mummy Carmine will be delighted.

Gears of War 3 is due out for Xbox 360 on 8th April 2011.