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Wildermyth, Heaven's Vault, Hyper Light Drifter and many more in Jingle Jam charity bundle

Nearly £1m raised in less than a day.

This year's big charity games bundle organised by the Yogscast Jingle Jam has gone live, offering 56 Steam games worth £650 to anyone who donates £35 or more.

Eurogamer's essential-rated Widermyth, indie adventure Heaven's Vault, Viking strategy Northguard, and retro-inspired slasher Hyper Light Drifter are all part of the collection, alongside numerous others: Just Die Already, Surviving Mars, Project Winter Murder by Numbers, 20XX, Samurai Gunn and Disc Room.

100,000 bundles are there to be bought, with proceeds going to a charity of your choosing from the event's shortlist. There are numerous good causes to highlight, including the brilliant SpecialEffect, War Child and Cancer Research UK.

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The annual drive calls itself the "world's biggest games charity event", and has raised $20m since its first run in 2011.

10 years on, 2021's offering has already notched up more than £860k since 5pm yesterday.

Take a look at the full selection and donate here.

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