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80 Days dev's archaeological adventure Heaven's Vault coming to Switch in January

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Heaven's Vault - the sublime sci-fi-tinged archaeological adventure from 80 Days, Sorcery, and Pendragon developer Inkle - will be making its way to Nintendo Switch on 28th January.

Released on PC and PlayStation 4 to much acclaim last year, Heaven's Vault tells the story of Aliya Elasra and her robot companion Six, as they explore the mysterious Nebula in search of a missing person and an ancient civilisation.

As with Inkle's previous story-heavy offerings, the real star of the show is the wonderful prose, subtly reshaping based on choices made throughout the adventure. Here though, there's the added draw of archaeological discovery as players explore the strikingly designed world, with Heaven's Vault placing a fascinating focus on learning a long-forgotten language - one character at a time - to make sense of the places and relics Aliya encounters on her travels.

Cover image for YouTube videoHeaven's Vault - Official Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Heaven's Vault official Switch trailer.

"It's astonishing how well the design team has taken something inherently puzzley and refused to reduce it to a mere puzzle," wrote Eurogamer's Christian Donlan in his Recommended review of Heaven's Vault when it originally released last year. "Language bucks and fidgets with nuance. The context, as ever, is crucial, and while there are right and wrong answers, the sense of the value of interpretation is never lost."

It is, then, another superb outing for the ever-reliable Inkle, and Switch owners will be able to slowly peel back the layers of Aliya's history rich adventure when Heaven's Vault comes to Nintendo's platform - with both Joy-Con and touchscreen support - early next year. It'll be available via the eShop on 28th January, costing £14.99/€15.99/$17.99 USD.